About Pender Beekeeping

The name Pender & Beekeeping goes back to 1892 where Pender Bros started out in Maitland New South Wales, with a small timber yard and mill producing timber for the local community. This was the birth of Pender Bros, supplying beekeeping supplies to the local beekeepers and later supplying beekeepers Australia wide.

Over the years up till the early 1970s Pender Bros became the largest factory in the southern hemisphere serving the Australian beekeeping industry, designing and manufacturing an extensive range of beekeeping supplies and equipment.
Pender Bros a family owned business sold the beekeeping business in the late 1970s. The business was purchased by the workers of Pender Bros, the name changed to Pender Beekeeping and shifted out to Rutherford just west of Maitland, where the business continued supplying beekeeping supplies and equipment Australia wide.

Around 1989 the business was sold and the name changed to Pender Beegoods, the business continued until 1998 when a fire destroyed the factory. After this the business scaled down closing the sheet metal section with this ceasing the manufacturing of extractors and honey tanks.

In late 2002 we purchased the business shifting from Rutherford near Maitland to Cardiff, Lake Macquarie (Newcastle) the name changing to Pender Beekeeping Supplies. We have endeavoured to build the business to supply the beekeepers with the best beekeeping supplies and equipment. We shifted premises in 2014 into a 600 sq M building and as of 2018 we need more room.

If Pender Beekeeping Supplies hasn’t got what you want we will source the best equipment from around the world, we only source quality equipment.

Pender Beekeeping Supplies will continue to service the Australian beekeepers in the best possible way in supplying quality beekeeping supplies and equipment at the best possible prices.