Beekeepers Knives & Uncapping Tools

All in-stock products are available from our Australian warehouse in Cardiff NSW.

There is a big difference in the quality of beekeeper uncapping knives. For this job you will really appreciate a quality product. As beekeepers ourselves we only stock quality knives imported from the USA. Sure, there are cheaper knives available from China however these either do not work efficiently or are such poor quality they either don’t do the job or won’t last.

Manual Knives and Electric Knives Available

We offer both manual knives designed to be heated in water or used cold and also an electric uncapping knife. All our knives have been hand selected and tested by our staff for ease of use, quality of design and longevity.

Talk to an expert beekeeper if you are not sure

If you have any questions about our uncapping knives please give us call and talk to an expert beekeeper. (02) 4956 6166